NFL fans couldn’t help but roast the Buccaneers amid Antonio Brown’s meltdown

Antonio Brown went into full meltdown mode, inexplicably leaving the field during the middle of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ Week 17 game against the New York Jets. It sure seemed like he just … gave up on his team, with the Buccaneers trailing in the second half.

Brown was spotted taking off his jersey and shoulder pads on the sideline during the game, even with teammate Mike Evans trying to apparently talk Brown out of it. But Brown persisted, ripped off his pads and left the field in dramatic fashion. It was a pathetic display of sportsmanship, if he did, indeed, simply leave his team in the middle of a game.

Here’s a look at how it started.

Eventually shirtless, Brown left the field and jumped his way through the end zone at MetLife Stadium. Here’s a look at that insanity.

Brown has a troubling history of sexual assault allegations, which led to his release from the New England Patriots, and falsifying a vaccination card, which led to a suspension with the Buccaneers. He also engineered his way off the Raiders in and insane sequence of events. He brings drama — and worse — to every team he’d played for.

So everyone felt pretty good about ripping into Brown on Twitter for his actions and the Bucs for their stupid decision of adding him.

For those feeling confused, feel free to look into Brown’s tenures with the Patriots and the Raiders. He’s an embarrassment.