NFL fails in final effort to relocate Rams relocation case

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The NFL didn’t seem to take the Rams relocation litigation seriously until July, when a judge ruled that multiple owners must disclose financial information because they could be personally liable for punitive damages. Starting at that point, the NFL has commenced a Lions-versus-Rams-style kitchen-sink approach to bending the outcome in the direction of the oligarchs.

It hasn’t worked. A belated effort to move the trial out of St. Louis has failed at every level. Via Randy Karraker of ESPN 101, the Missouri Supreme Court has denied the league’s appeal of the decision to keep the case where it has been since it was filed.

Barring a settlement, a trial will begin on January 10. It likely will be unfolding as the Rams host the Super Bowl in the swanky new venue that owner Stan Kroenke built in Inglewood.

The outcome makes a massive verdict against the league even more likely. Which makes a fight over whether Kroenke will honor his indemnity more likely. Which could eventually persuade the NFL to just offer an expansion team to St. Louis, if Kroenke is able to break his promise to his partners to pay the expenses arising from his broken promise to the team’s former home.

NFL fails in final effort to relocate Rams relocation case originally appeared on Pro Football Talk