NFL draws 109 million viewers for Week One

Mike Florio

Football is back, baby.

Week One of the 2019 season generated a total TV audience of more than 109 million viewers, according to the league. Per minute, NFL games attracted an average of 17.1 million.

That’s a five-percent increase over Week One in 2018.

NFL games accounted for the top six TV audiences of the week, with Giants-Cowboys racking up 23.9 million, Packers-Bears at 22.2 million, and Steelers-Patriots also at 22.2 million. The top non-NFL programming for the week drew only 9.1 million viewers.

The league’s ratings gradually have been rebounded since dropping in 2016 and falling even farther in 2017. The audience for the first game of the season increased by 17 percent over last year.

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