NFL draft: Josh Rosen traded from Arizona to Miami Dolphins

A year after moving up to draft quarterback Josh Rosen with the 10th overall pick, the Arizona Cardinals traded him at a discount.

The Miami Dolphins have a new quarterback. They traded with the Cardinals to acquire the former UCLA star. The trade happened when the Dolphins were ready to go on the clock with the 62nd overall pick of the NFL draft on Friday night.

That pick went to the Cardinals. That’s all the Cardinals got back for Rosen, and they had to throw in a 2020 fifth-rounder in the trade.

Rosen became an afterthought in Arizona once they drafted Kyler Murray first overall on Thursday night.

Because the Dolphins didn’t give up all that much for Rosen, they could still pick a quarterback early in next year’s draft. The Cardinals showed that even if you use the 10th pick on a quarterback, you can still take another one the following year.

Cardinals send off Josh Rosen after one year

The Cardinals probably could have handled the entire situation better.

By the end of the NFL scouting combine in February, it seemed clear the Cardinals wanted Murray. Had they finalized that decision then, they would have had more leverage in a trade and some time to get the best deal possible. Perhaps they could have gotten more than a late second-round pick, while also shipping off a 2020 fifth.

But what’s done is done. The Cardinals recouped some value after giving up on Rosen after a year. And they avoid an awkward situation with Murray on board.

The Arizona Cardinals traded quarterback Josh Rosen to the Miami Dolphins on Friday night. (AP)
The Arizona Cardinals traded quarterback Josh Rosen to the Miami Dolphins on Friday night. (AP)

Could Rosen be the answer for Miami?

Rosen is certainly worth the gamble for the Dolphins.

Many experts thought Rosen was the most pro-ready quarterback in last year’s draft class. In a bad offense, with two offensive coordinators after one was fired midseason and a head coach who was fired after one season, Rosen struggled. Perhaps Rosen’s flaws will hold him back in the NFL. Or he was stuck in a terrible situation and needed a new start.

There is a problem with that premise: The Dolphins might be terrible too. For most of the offseason, the Miami media has speculated that the Dolphins were tanking for Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa, the presumptive first overall pick of the 2020 draft. The Dolphins could still take Tagovailoa if they bottom out this season. Or perhaps Rosen fulfills the promise that made him the 10th pick last year.

Once the Cardinals picked Murray, it was inevitable Rosen would be on the move. The Cardinals had no leverage, and had to take a big loss on Rosen one year after moving up to take him 10th overall.

Now won’t it be interesting if Rosen turns out to be the better pro than Murray?

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