NFL Draft: Jason McCourty trolls everyone before Titans pick, including ripping Kansas City BBQ

Former football player Jason McCourty announces Tulane running back Tyjae Spears as the selection by the Tennessee Titans. (AP Photo/Jeff Roberson)

Many of the former players that take the stage in the second and third round of the NFL Draft to announce their former team's pick might say a few words to fire up their fan base. Then they announce the pick and move on.

Jason McCourty was going to take advantage of his time at the podium.

Announcing the Tennessee Titans pick while wearing some old school Houston Oilers gear, McCourty fired shots. For the host city of Kansas City, he had a blast on the Chiefs losing the 2018 AFC championship game and also their famous barbecue, and it's hard to say which insult cut deeper.

"I remember being in Arrowhead Stadium in 2018, when we won the AFC championship game and we went to the Super Bowl, and Patrick Mahomes was one trophy short!" said McCourty, who was on the Patriots team that beat the Chiefs in that AFC title game.

McCourty then moved on to the Tennessee side of things, and announced to the crowd that Nashville had the best BBQ in the nation. That seemed to draw more boos from the KC crowd than the line about losing the AFC title game years ago.

He then went in on the AFC South. He said the Houston Texans would get their "letterman's jackets" again, whatever that means. The Indianapolis Colts were 2-6 against the Titans since Pat McAfee trolled Tennessee during a similar draft pick announcement rant in Nashville. And McCourty reminded the Jacksonville Jaguars that they haven't had back-to-back winning seasons since he was a senior in high school.

McCourty talked so much that the chimes came on two times for the "pick is in," like someone being played off stage by the orchestra during an awards ceremony speech that runs too long.

Some former players have gone full WWE mode for their time at the podium. Drew Pearson, the former Dallas Cowboys receiver, does it just about every year. McAfee had a good time with it too.

We'll see what McCourty has to say next year. If the NFL asks him back.

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