NFL draft grades 2018: The emoji edition

Did your NFL team make the pick you hoped for at the 2018 NFL draft? Or did it cause you to send hundreds of crying emojis to your group text? Our crew is right here with you to share in the pain or excitement.

Frank Schwab, Nick Bromberg and Jason Owens weigh in with their verdicts via emoji. Agree? Disagree? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter.

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1. Cleveland Browns: Baker Mayfield

The only box Mayfield doesn’t check is “height.” Credit to the Browns for taking the best QB in the class. – Frank Schwab

AFC North defenses are now looking at the tape from the Fayetteville PD to learn how to tackle Mayfield. – Nick Bromberg

Browns spend No. 1 pick hoping Mayfield is the exception (Brees, Wilson), not the rule with undersized QBs — good luck. – Jason Owens

2. New York Giants: Saquon Barkley

The Giants had Sam Darnold fall in their laps, have a 37-year-old QB, and took a RB. Nope. – FS

This should ease the burden on Eli Manning and whomever the Giants think is the QB of the future. – NB

Giants resist urge to take QB they don’t want, take best player in draft. – JO

3. New York Jets (via Colts): Sam Darnold

The Jets needed a franchise quarterback, and Darnold is a great prospect. If he can fix the turnovers, that’s a nice pick. – FS

Darnold has a better chance of panning out than Mark Sanchez. But the comparisons are inevitable. – NB

Meh. Jets miss out on the QB they want (Mayfield), go conservative with Sam Darnold. – JO

4. Cleveland Browns (via Texans): Denzel Ward

Ward is a fine cornerback, but this still seems like a bit of a reach at No. 4. They might regret passing Bradley Chubb. – FS

Is John Dorsey going for another version of Marcus Peters? – NB

Browns pass on chance at best pass rush in football (Garrett/Chubb) for OSU cornerback – JO

5. Denver Broncos: Bradley Chubb

John Elway couldn’t have figured that Bradley Chubb would fall to No. 5, but he ended up with a heck of an impact player (though no QB of the future). – FS

Bradley Chubb is the best defensive player in the draft. Pairing him with Von Miller is terrifying. -NB

Broncos resist QB temptation, capitalize on draft’s best defensive player falling in their laps. -JO

6. Indianapolis Colts (via Jets): Quenton Nelson

The Colts have had a terrible offensive line for years. Nelson was a good, easy fit. The safest pick in the draft. – FS

Andrew Luck needs an offensive line to keep him in one piece. – NB

Finally, the Colts prioritize protecting Andrew Luck. Hopefully it’s not too late. – JO

7. Buffalo Bills (via Buccaneers): Josh Allen

Allen has all the physical skill in the world. You’re still gambling on a guy who wasn’t first- or second-team all-Mountain West last season. That’s a big risk, especially moving up. – FS

Taking Josh Allen over Josh Rosen is going to haunt the Bills for years. – NB

Wow, the Bills gave up a haul to take a QB with accuracy problems. – JO

8. Chicago Bears: Roquan Smith

I don’t know if I would have passed Derwin James for Smith. But Smith is dynamic too, and the Bears love their middle linebackers. – FS

Roquan Smith was the best defensive player I saw last season. – NB

100 The Bears desperately need help up the middle and hope Roquan Smith is their next great linebacker. – JO

9. San Francisco 49ers: Mike McGlinchey

I know Joe Staley is aging and you have to protect Jimmy Garoppolo. But this was a reach. The 49ers passed on some very good defensive players here. – FS

McGlinchey will be a great successor to Joe Staley. But it’s hard to get excited over the pick. – NB

The 49ers need help at linebacker and in the secondary with studs on the board, but reach here for an offensive lineman. – JO

10. Arizona Cardinals (via Raiders): Josh Rosen

Josh Rosen is the most ready QB to play, and having Sam Bradford as your starter means Rosen will need to be ready to play. Great job by Arizona to fix their QB problem. – FS

Rosen should have gone a lot earlier. Arizona lucked out and didn’t give up much to go get the guy who could be the best QB in the draft. – NB

The Cardinals need a quarterback and went all in when the best signal caller in the draft fell to 10. Bravo. – JO

11. Miami Dolphins: Minkah Fitzpatrick

Fitzpatrick would have been a fine pick in the top 5. The Dolphins got great value to get the versatile DB at No. 11. – FS

In a choice between Fitzpatrick and Derwin James, Miami couldn’t have gone wrong with either of them. – NB

Dolphins stick with Ryan Tannehill, pick up one of the most exciting defenders in the draft. – JO

12. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Vita Vea

No way do I pass up Derwin James to pick Vea, who is good at what he does (plugging the middle) but isn’t going to add much pass rush value. – FS

I like Vita Vea a lot, but Derwin James in a division with Matt Ryan and Drew Brees makes a lot of sense. – NB

Browns JK The Bucs, desperate for secondary help, pass on Derwin James for a massive run stopper. – JO

13. Washington Redskins: Da’Ron Payne

Well, it was pretty clear “Oh no, Vita Vea is gone, what do we do?” was the conversation in the Washington war room after Tampa’s pick. – FS

I like Da’Ron Payne, but is Washington trying to rebuild Nick Saban’s Alabama defensive lines? – NB

Washington, disappointed with Vea gone, misses a golden opportunity to take Derwin James. – JO

14. New Orleans Saints (via Packers): Marcus Davenport

I like Davenport’s upside. The price the Saints paid for him is insane. New Orleans’ run as the most compulsive team in the NFL continues. – FS

Trading this year’s and next year’s first for Davenport is … a lot. That’s what you trade for a QB, not an edge rusher. – NB

Saints make huge move to take unproven pass rusher. – JO

15. Oakland Raiders: Kolton Miller

Miller is very athletic and the Raiders need to replace Donald Penn at left tackle. Still, for a team that needs so much help on defense, this lacked a lot of pop. – FS

Derwin James is still available. What do NFL teams know that we don’t?! – NB

Oakland moves down, reaches for protection for Derek Carr. – JO

16. Buffalo Bills (via Ravens): Tremaine Edmunds

Edmunds is a good fit with Bills coach Sean McDermott, who will know how to make the most out of all of his abilities. I don’t love the trade up, but Edmunds can be a difference maker. – FS

Can Edmunds cover Gronk? – NB

Bills make another move to fill defensive need with good value. – JO

17. Los Angeles Chargers: Derwin James

Had James gone 10 picks earlier, nobody would have been surprised. He’s another star for a D that has a lot of talent (though they still don’t have a QB of the future). – FS

This pick was impossible to screw up. Seahawks fans probably hate this pick though. – NB

Chargers find tremendous value with possibly the best secondary player in the draft at 17. – JO

18. Green Bay Packers (via Seahawks): Jaire Alexander


The Packers needed a cornerback. Jaire Alexander is a good player and an instant starter. Done and done. – FS

This is a value pick for the Packers, who moved back in the draft and probably still ended up with the player they wanted. – NB

Packers have a big need at cornerback and make a move to get their guy. – JO

19. Dallas Cowboys: Leighton Vander Esch

Well, we all expected a WR and some fireworks. Instead it’s Vander Esch, a very good linebacker. It’s just not that exciting. – FS

Vander Esch is a plug and play linebacker who can succeed Sean Lee as Dallas’ do-it-all guy. – NB

Michael Irvin, Drew Pearson take Dallas stage … as Cowboys pass on Dez Bryant’s replacement? – JO

20. Detroit Lions: Frank Ragnow

Ragnow is a tough, good center. The Lions have invested heavily in the offensive line the past couple years, and maybe they’ll finally have a 100-yard rusher this season. – FS

It’s hard to get excited about a center, but the Lions got a guy who will start for a decade. – NB

The Lions are in desperate need for a pass rush, and reached for an offensive lineman here. – JO

21. Cincinnati Bengals: Billy Price

Center run! OK, the Bengals need offensive line help. And Price is fine. Harold Landry would have helped too, though. – FS

The Bengals could use some pass rush. But there’s apparently something in the water with teams in Ohio picking Ohio State players. – NB

The Bengals filled their biggest hole at center. Will they regret passing on James Daniels, though? – JO

22. Tennessee Titans (via Ravens): Rashaan Evans

Rashaan Evans can do a little bit of everything, just like Avery Williamson did. Williamson is gone, and the Titans slide Evans right into his spot. – FS

Rashaan Evans can line up at any linebacker spot and will be a productive player for a bunch of years. He could be a Pro Bowler very soon. – NB

The Titans lost their No. 2 tackler in Avery Williamson, moved up to grab his replacement, who may end up being better. – JO

23. New England Patriots (via Rams): Isaiah Wynn

Well, so much for the Lamar Jackson possibility. Wynn might end up at left tackle, though he could play guard too. New England needed to replace Nate Solder. – FS

This will probably turn out well for the Patriots so does it really matter what I think? (I think Lamar Jackson would have been fun.) – NB

The absolute biggest need for New England was to replace tackle Nate Solder. But Isaiah Winn projects as a guard. – JO

24. Carolina Panthers: D.J. Moore

Finally, a receiver. A bit of a surprise D.J. Moore was the first receiver off the board over Calvin Ridley, but a lot of people liked Moore heading into the draft. He might have more potential. – FS

Moore didn’t have a stable quarterback situation at all with the Terrapins, so don’t look at his college stats as a good indicator of his value. – NB

The Panthers needed weapons and protection for Cam Newton. A run on linemen made D.J. Moore a perfect fit. – JO

25. Baltimore Ravens: Hayden Hurst

I’m not sure Hurst was the best tight end in this class, but the Ravens need to figure out that position at some point. – FS

Was not expecting Hayden Hurst to be the first tight end off the board. But Ozzie Newsome should know a thing or two about the position. – NB

The Ravens traded back 13 spots and passed on filling a big need with Calvin Ridley on the board. – JO

26. Atlanta Falcons: Calvin Ridley

Alabama WR Julio Jones worked out so well for the Falcons, they’re trying another Crimson Tide WR. Great value for a player some thought was the top WR in the class. – FS

Calvin Ridley and Julio Jones for Matt Ryan? Great pick by the Falcons. – NB

Falcons pass on replacing Dontari Poe with Taven Bryan, get a big WR mate to line up across Julio Jones. – JO

27. Seattle Seahawks: Rashaad Penny

A true shocker. Not Derrius Guice, or Sony Michel, or Nick Chubb or … you get the point. Penny has a lot going for him, and had a great 2017 but … wow. – FS

I loved Rashaad Penny at San Diego State, but really am not sure what’s going on here with Seattle picking him in the first round. – NB

Seattle had a golden opportunity to fill Richard Sherman’s spot with Josh Jackson … and reached for a RB? – JO

28. Pittsburgh Steelers: Terrell Edmunds

Edmunds seems to be a bit of a reach in the first round, but without a great inside linebacker available, Pittsburgh helped its defense in another way. – FS

Can’t help but think Harold Landry would have been a better fit for the Steelers here. – NB

Edmunds fits a need with the departure of Mike Mitchell, but will the Steelers regret passing on Justin Reid? – JO

29. Jacksonville Jaguars: Taven Bryan

Keep your strengths strong. The Jaguars have a fantastic defensive line, and Bryan adds to it. He isn’t going to see many double teams. – FS

If you don’t want Lamar Jackson breathing down Blake Bortles neck, adding to a terrifying defense isn’t a bad idea. – NB

The Jags continue to load up on D with Taven Bryan while ignoring a glaring WR need and passing up on Lamar Jackson. – JO

30. Minnesota Vikings: Mike Hughes

Hughes is a fine pick and if we’re being honest, the Vikings didn’t need much. The Vikings place a heavy emphasis on cornerbacks. so it makes sense. – FS

Terence Newman has to be replaced sooner rather than later. – NB

Shrug The Vikings needed a lineman to protect their new investment (Kirk Cousins) and passed on a good one in Will Hernandez. – JO

31. New England Patriots: Sony Michel

The Patriots will get the most out of Michel, who helps replace Dion Lewis. But the Patriots rarely invest in running backs. so why now? – FS

Sony Michel was the second-best running back in the draft. He’s a great weapon who can do anything for Tom Brady. – NB

Derrius Guice is still here. Why is he still available? – JO

32. Baltimore Ravens (via Eagles): Lamar Jackson

It was very smart of the Ravens to move up to the final pick of the first round, and secure a fifth-year option on his rookie deal. Jackson is electric, and he’ll be fun to watch. – FS

Great aggressiveness by the Ravens. Jackson could be starting by the end of the season. – NB

Just when it looked like the most intriguing QB in the draft was slipping, the Ravens made a bold move for Joe Flacco’s assumed heir. – JO

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