NFL draft: Even Trevor Lawrence was blown away by Zach Wilson's pro-day laser

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Pro-day reactions can be a bit overblown, whether it's from fans or media.

But when a fellow NFL draft quarterback prospect appears blown away by one of his competitor's throws, it's worth noting.

Friday was BYU's pro day, which meant that highly touted QB Zach Wilson had the grand stage for the day. And even as a monster trade broke that completely changed the 2021 NFL draft landscape, Wilson found a way to steal the show.

He had a great day throwing the football overall, and there was a packed house full of NFL heavyweights in attendance — by our count, seven general managers, three head coaches and a lot more scouts. Capacity was 96 people (three representatives per team), and they likely weren't too far off from that.

The best of Wilson's roughly 60-throw script had to be this puppy, which is a pretty sweet mic drop for a final throw:

How are you not impressed by that, even if it's a throw that might not come up in, you know, an actual game. The point: The kid has some ridiculous arm talent.

Clemson QB Trevor Lawrence is technically Wilson's competition in this draft, even though we all know Lawrence is the massive betting favorite to be the first pick in the draft. But Wilson could be the second pick. The Jets select there, and they sent a convoy to Provo: general manager Joe Douglas, head coach Robert Saleh and offensive coordinator Mike LaFleur.

We're guessing they were impressed. But check out Lawrence's reaction when he saw his draft classmate's roll-to-his-left-fire-back-to-his-right heave:

Is he ... getting a little nervous? After all, Lawrence is laid up post-labrum surgery and can't throw now. The answer most likely is no — this is just a good example, we suspect, of game recognizing game.

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