NFL Draft: Eric DeCosta reveals what positions Ravens could target on Day 2, Day 3

The Baltimore Ravens have found plenty of diamonds in the rough throughout their franchise history. They’ve brought in many players in the middle rounds of the draft that have made both immediate and long-term impacts, something that needs to happen again in the 2024 NFL draft for the club.

Baltimore general manager Eric DeCosta revealed some possible positions the team could target on Day 2 of the draft in rounds two and three. He mentioned that offensive line and wide receiver could be possibilities, along with running back in the fold.

“I think offensive line is pretty stacked across the board in most rounds. I think [wide] receiver is a really deep Draft this year. Those would be two. I mentioned running back; I think that you’ll see a lot of running backs get drafted, probably, starting in the third round through the seventh, [and] you’ll see a lot of guys get picked. Those would be positions that, when I look at [and] assess the Draft, I think are pretty deep positions in the Draft this year.”

Baltimore used its first-round pick on Clemson cornerback Nate Wiggins but still has a ways to go to complete its draft class. The Ravens’ next order of business should be the offensive line, and DeCosta’s comments could indicate he will address the need soon.

Story originally appeared on Ravens Wire