NFL Draft is deadline for Packers, Jets to complete Aaron Rodgers trade

Draft is deadline for Packers, Jets to complete Rodgers trade originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

The Green Bay Packers and the New York Jets are working on an Aaron Rodgers trade.

Right now, the teams appear to be at an impasse

NFL insider Ian Rapoport pointed to the NFL Draft as a deadline date for a trade to be executed.

"It's actually the Jets and the Packers that are now negotiating and trying to figure this out," Rapoport told the Pat McAfee Show. "And I'm I'm trying to look at like where this goes. And, you know, deadlines are always what drives these these things.

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"Like there is a real possibility this rolls right up until the draft because that's the only deadline. It's about 2023 draft picks. And like when you actually have to use them is the deadline."

McAfee recalled draft night trades involving the Philadelphia Eagles trading for A.J. Brown and the Baltimore Ravens trading away Marquise "Hollywood" Brown to the Arizona Cardinals.

The Packers want picks and would presumably like to use them in the 2023 NFL Draft to bolster their roster ahead of the season, instead of delaying using those assets for a year.


Rodgers made it clear he intends to play for the Jets in 2023, and if a trade doesn't get executed then there will be an interesting stand off and dilemma.

And Chicago Bears fans would bust out the popcorn.

ESPN's Adam Schefter has previously said that the Packers and Jets aren't close to completing a trade.

There are conflicting reports about what the Packers are demanding.

Early last week, ESPN's Adam Schefter said the Packers were looking for multiple first-round picks. Then NFL Network's Tom Pelissero said the Packers aren't looking for multiple first-round picks.

Schefter double-downed on the multiple first-round picks this past Thursday, but clarifying it's what has been discussed inside the Packers building but not formally requested.


"When you look at the landscape of what other quarterbacks in recent trades in recent years have fetched, it has been a lot," Schefter said. "What did the Broncos give up for Russell Wilson? Multiple ones. What are the Rams give up for Matthew Stafford? Multiple ones.

"Not every quarterback has been traded for a package like that, but those conversations have occurred in the Packers building. Never said the Packers asked for that. But they've talked about that as an organization.

"And now the question is, what can they realistically extract from the Jets?"

Schefter, as he did earlier in the week, pointed to the Packers-Jets trade for Brett Favre, which included a conditional fourth-round pick. But he frames it as the Jets' perspective on value in the trade.


"The Jets would think that that's closer to the value that should be paid for a 39-year-old quarterback who's on a year to year basis who, oh, by the way, also has a $110 million in guaranteed money due to him over the next two years," Schefter said. "So if they're taking on that money and they would restructure the contract, then that should lower the compensation, not increase it. So both sides have their claims."

But if the Packers are thinking multiple first-round picks, despite not asking for it, and the Jets are thinking a single, conditional Day 3 pick... clearly the sides are far apart.

Schefter even said it could fall apart because both sides are dug in on their asks.

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