NFL draft bust Ryan Leaf is not sold on Caleb Williams

If one of the most memorable NFL draft busts of all time says a top quarterback prospect isn’t ready to start in his NFL rookie season, does that mean you should trust the draft bust or treat his words with skepticism? That’s the question after Ryan Leaf expressed skepticism about Caleb Williams and his ability to start right away in the NFL. It could be that Leaf, a failed NFL player, might not have the right instincts as an evaluator, and that Caleb Williams will thrive. We will find out soon enough.

Ryan Leaf made his way into the news cycle two months ago when someone on social media made an erroneous comment which tried to link Leaf with Williams.

A person tweeted that Caleb Williams was going to become the biggest Heisman Trophy-winning NFL draft bust since Ryan Leaf. However, Leaf never did win the Heisman. As we wrote in the article linked to above, “It’s crazy that the original tweeter identified Ryan Leaf as a former Heisman winner, given that Leaf wasn’t even in the top two in 1997’s final vote. It was Charles Woodson first, Peyton Manning second. If Leaf had won, it would have been a historic Heisman upset.”

At any rate, we will see if Ryan Leaf is right about Caleb Williams.

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Story originally appeared on Trojans Wire