NFL declines comment on Brandon McManus situation

On Friday, former Jaguars (now Commanders) kicker Brandon McManus and the Jaguars were sued for an alleged incident that occurred on the team flight to London during the 2023 season.

The NFL says this about the case: "We are aware of the matter but will decline comment."

Sometimes, the NFL will acknowledge that a matter has triggered a review under the Personal Conduct Policy. Sometimes, the NFL declines comment. Regardless, it will be impossible for the NFL to do nothing about it.

McManus, through his lawyer, has denied any wrongdoing.

The Jaguars, who initially declined comment, issued the following statement on Monday night to "We’re aware of the complaint, and we acknowledge the significance of the claims. As we continue to look into the matter, it bears emphasizing that we insist on an organization built by people who represent our community and game with the highest character and class."

Such insistence is hardly foolproof, as evidenced by the fact that a former employee embezzled more than $22 million from right under the team's nose.

In this case, the person facing the accusations no longer works for the Jaguars. Their bigger concern is the claim that the team failed to properly supervise McManus and that the team failed to provide a safe environment for the flight attendants.

But, hey, at least the head coach was on the plane — unlike the head coach who opted not to fly back with the team from a game in Cincinnati early in the 2021 season.