NFL considers playing games in Spain, France

The 17-game regular season gives the NFL up to 16 potential neutral-site games per year.

Sooner or later, the NFL will be playing that many neutral-site games.

Via Ken Maguire of the Associated Press, Spain and France sit atop the list of the league’s next potential destination, now that the NFL has extended its European footprint from London to Germany.

Brett Gosper, who leads the NFL’s efforts in the UK and Europe, confirmed the interest in two new countries in an interview with Maguire.

“We need to do our homework to make sure that there is the possibility of a place to land any games in those markets, gauge interest of the host stadia, gauge interest of the host city, even the government, as to their enthusiasm to help us bring a game,” Gosper said.

Spain has an edge, given that the Bears and Dolphins have “home marketing” rights in that country. No team has been assigned France.

This year, the NFL will play five neutral-site international games. Four of the games were played at 9:30 a.m. ET on a Sunday. That dynamic could become more and more common, creating four windows on Sundays and roughly 14 hours of non-stop football.

NFL considers playing games in Spain, France originally appeared on Pro Football Talk