Colin Kaepernick, Ben & Jerry's collaborate for new 'Change the Whirled' flavor

The fight for justice is difficult and long. Colin Kaepernick knows this well and his latest foray will help ease the late-night blues.

Confectionary stars Ben and Jerry debuted their latest permanent flavor combination and it’s named after the former NFL quarterback. “Colin Kaepernick’s Change the Whirled,” a vegan nondairy frozen dessert, will launch in 2021. The dessert is a caramel, sunflower butter base with fudge chips, graham cracker swirls, and chocolate cookie swirls with the branding giving 1970s peace vibes.

Kaepernick, who is vegan, has a standing relationship with the Vermont company that has leaned hard into activism and social justice issues. Ben & Jerry’s announced the flavor in a tweet, writing it’s “supporting the fight to dismantle systems of oppression and empower Black and Brown people.”

Kaepernick’s proceeds from the flavor will go to his Know Your Rights Camp. The organization works to “advance the liberation and well-being of Black and Brown communities through education, self-empowerment, mass-mobilization and the creation of new systems that elevate the next generation of change leaders.”

Colin Kaepernick.
Colin Kaepernick has a namesake Ben & Jerry's flavor. (AP Photo/Todd Kirkland, File)

Why does Kaepernick have an ice cream flavor?

In May, Ben & Jerry’s and Nike collaborated on a “Chunky Dunky” shoe, and the ice cream company donated proceeds to COVID-19 relief efforts by the Know Your Rights Camp. The sides started talking about more collaborations as Ben & Jerry’s continues the activism it has become famous for utilizing.

“This isn’t another Justice Remix’d or Save Our Swirled, it’s like Americone Dream or Tonight Dough,” Jay Curley, global head of marketing for Ben & Jerry’s, told Fast Company. “This is a full-time flavor ... delicious ice cream, with a joyful packaging that honors a man whose words and actions have love rooted in it. Do we expect this to change everyone’s mind? Of course not. But it can open up conversations and, to a degree, challenge people’s thinking and spread the actual message Colin is talking about and the work Know Your Rights Foundation is working on.”

Chris Miller, Ben & Jerry’s head of global activism strategy, said the collaboration will help change the culture.

“We can bring and add value to this movement, because we speak to the general population, the mainstream, and we have a unique way of engaging our fans,” Miller said, via Fast Company. “We can help continue the shift of sentiment on these issues. We’re fine with controversy. We can step into a place that perhaps diffuses some of that controversy.”

Kaepernick reminded followers in November that it has been more than 1,360 days since an NFL team employed him, but remains ready to go if one calls. He hasn’t played in the league since the 2016 season, when he took a knee to protest racial injustice and police brutality.

In the latter part of 2020 he has been inducted into the Nevada Athletics Hall of Fame and seen actors cast in the Netflix limited series that will be based on his formative high school years.

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