NFL changes the injured reserve and practice squad rules for 2022

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The NFL has adopted some changes to the injured reserve and practice squad rules for the upcoming 2022 season. The modifications alter some of the changes the league implemented to expand roster flexibility during the COVID-19 pandemic over the last two seasons.

One that should be of particular interest to the Detroit Lions after their injury-ravaged 2021 campaign involves players returning from the injured reserve. After being unlimited in the number of players who could come back off I.R. last year, the NFL has now capped the amount of returning players at eight for 2022. The same player can be designated to return more than once, but it counts each time against the limit of eight.

Players can return after sitting out four games, up from the 3-game standard during the previous year. The bye week, which Detroit gets in Week 6 in 2022, does not count in the total.

The league also expanded the practice squad roster from 14 to 16 players. In addition, a player can be promoted from the practice squad to the active gameday roster three times instead of just two without being officially signed to the 53-man roster. It goes in hand with the injured reserve modification. The league will still allow teams to protect up to four players on the practice squad each week, too.


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