Will NFL change postseason overtime rule in October?

Mike Florio
ProFootball Talk on NBC Sports

When seeing the news that the NFL may once again table the proposed alteration of overtime, my first thought was, “Well, better luck next year.” But then, literally while talking the issue through during Friday’s PFTOT, it occurred to me that maybe a change could be made before 2020.

The owners meet next week. They’ll next meet after that in October. If, as Chiefs owner Clark Hunt and Cowboys COO (and Competition Committee member) Stephen Jones have separately told PFT, the rule that guarantees a possession to the team that kicks off would likely be adopted for the postseason only, that rule could still be adopted in October.

The league typically abhors changing any of its rules during a given season, for competitive reasons. But any change to the postseason rules won’t matter until the postseason starts.

The approach also would help to circumvent any argument by coaches that the postseason and regular-season overtime rules should be the same — a strange obsession given that they already aren’t the same when it comes to the occurrence of ties in non-playoff games.

There are great reasons for changing the rule for the playoffs. There are great reasons for not changing the rule for the regular season. And it may end up being a great idea to defer the final decision until the middle of the regular season.

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