NFL celebrations of the week: Torrey Smith goes yard, Myles Garrett pays tribute to JR Smith

Finally, five weeks into the season, NFL celebrations are hitting their stride. Let’s break down the best of what we saw.

Philadelphia Eagles WR Torrey Smith hits a home run

Group touchdown celebrations are the best celebrations and the Eagles gave us a good one following Torrey Smith’s 59-yard touchdown grab against the Arizona Cardinals.

(AP Photo/Matt Rourke)
(AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

You could say Philadelphia … knocked this celebration out of the park.

Green Bay Packers get ready for PyeongChang

The Winter Olympics are a few months away, but the Packers are ready. After Davante Adams snagged his first touchdown of the game, he and his teammates did their best “Cool Runnings” tribute in celebration.

Packers CB Damarious Randall throws up the “X” in Dallas

Before Aaron Rodgers broke the hearts of Dallas Cowboys fans everywhere, Packers CB Damarious Randall dished out his own brand of disrespect. After his pick-6 off of Dak Prescott gave the visitors a late lead in Jerry World, Randall threw up Cowboys WR Dez Bryant’s signature celebration.

Randall was flagged for taunting, but it ended up not being costly to his team so it’s OK.

New York Giants WR Odell Beckham tries to revive his team’s season

Odell Beckham Jr.’s touchdown celebrations never disappoint, and before things went from bad to worse for the New York Giants he debuted another great one against the Los Angeles Chargers.

In a cruel twist of fate, Beckham would suffer a fractured ankle later in the game, possibly ending his season.

Honorable mention: Cleveland Browns DE Myles Garrett’s JR Smith tribute

OK, so it wasn’t a *touchdown* celebration, but Myles Garrett paying homage to a true Cleveland legend was too good to not include. After recording his second sack of the day (in his NFL debut), Garrett busted out Cleveland Cavaliers guard JR Smith’s patented air guitar celebration.

Maybe the Cavaliers’ winning ways will rub off on the Browns?