NFL analyst rips Steelers GM Omar Khan for faith in Kenny Pickett

With each passing day, frustration over the Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback situation grows for much of the fanbase. As general manager Omar Khan pointed out this week, the Steelers carry three quarterbacks on the roster and as of now only have Kenny Pickett.

To make it worse, Khan offered up blind faith and confidence in Pickett publicly. This was a move that NFL analyst Stephen A. Smith could not tolerate and he came absolutely unglued, saying out loud and in public what many Steelers fans were saying in private after Khan said it.

You can listen to Smith’s full tirade in the video below and despite our disagreements with Smith in the past, we cannot argue he is wrong about this one.

The NFL is a quarterback-centered league and if there is one constant it is that you cannot push deep into the playoffs without high-level quarterback play. It is hard to imagine Pickett under even the best of circumstances can put up a string of performances against the top quarterbacks in the AFC that would allow Pittsburgh to win.

Story originally appeared on Steelers Wire