Neymar suffers significant ankle injury as his accuser speaks out about alleged rape

Neymar will miss Copa American after being injured in Brazil's friendly against Qatar.
Neymar was injured in Wednesday night's friendly against Qatar. (AP Foto/Andre Penner)

Neymar suffered a significant ankle injury Wednesday night and will miss the Copa America.

The Brazilian star was injured in the 17th minute of a 2-0 friendly victory over Qatar. On Thursday morning, the Brazilian Football Confederation said Neymar has a ruptured ligament in the ankle that will keep him out of the tournament later this month.

“After suffering a sprain in his right ankle during Wednesday’s game against Qatar, Neymar was evaluated and subjected to complementary imaging tests that confirmed ligament rupture in his ankle,” a CBF statement read. “Due to the seriousness of the injury, Neymar will not have the physical conditions and sufficient recovery time to participate in the Copa America.”

The CBF said it will soon begin the process of selecting a replacement for Neymar. The Copa America begins play on June 14 when Brazil, the host nation, faces Bolivia.

Neymar accuser speaks out

Wednesday night’s match was the first public appearance for Neymar since he was accused of rape in an alleged incident in a Paris, France, hotel on May 15. His accuser, Najila Trindade Mendes de Souza, spoke out for the first time Wednesday in an interview that aired on Brazilian television.

Per ESPN, Mendes de Souza said in the interview that she agreed to have sex with Neymar, but then changed her mind when he didn’t have a condom. From there, she said, he “turned aggressive.”

"When I asked him if he brought a condom, he said no. So I told him that nothing would happen," Mendes de Souza said on Brazil’s TV SBT. "He didn't listen, he turned, and he committed the act. I said, 'Stop. Stop. No! Stop.' But he didn't say much. He only acted. I just want justice. He left me very traumatized. I want him to pay for what he did."

Neymar, the star forward for Paris Saint-Germain, has denied any wrongdoing. After the allegation surfaced, Neymar took to Instagram to give his side of the story. In a since-deleted video, he alleged extortion and shared messages and photos he exchanged with Mendes de Souza in an attempt to prove their encounter was consensual.

As a result, Neymar is being investigated by Rio De Janeiro’s cybercrime division for posting the images without her permission.

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