Next Pats: Matt Cassel on Mac Jones, Patriots offense this preseason

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Matt Cassel shares impressions of Mac Jones this preseason originally appeared on NBC Sports Boston

Will Mac Jones have more control over the New England Patriots offense during the regular season?

Through camp and preseason, Matt Patricia and the Patriots staff have gone with a "call the play and run it" offense. In other words, Jones hasn't often switched up the play at the line of scrimmage.

As our Phil Perry recently explained, that may be about to change as soon as Week 1 vs. the Miami Dolphins. But why exactly have the Patriots gone with this approach throughout the summer?

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Former NFL quarterback Matt Cassel, who spent four seasons in Foxboro from 2005-08, joined Phil Perry on the latest Next Pats Podcast to share his perspective.

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"Any time you go into an offseason you're installing new plays, you're installing a new scheme, and you kind of see what works and what doesn't," Cassel said. "And always, when you get into preseason games, you're not throwing the kitchen sink at these guys. You're not game-planning too much. You're running basic install and you're just trying to execute at a really high level. So you slow it down for those games because you don't want to put a ton of this stuff on tape.

"Everybody in the league right now doesn't really know what the New England Patriots offense is going to look like. What they're gonna run, what their checks are. And so, when you get into these preseason games, a lot of times there's more to be desired in terms of the checks at the line of scrimmage or the route patterns that are being run against certain defenses that you really say look, this is not going to be very successful, but what do you do when that play breaks down? ...

"Once you get into the season, that's when you're really detailed. You're game-planning against a specific opponent. Like the Miami Dolphins, they're putting together a gameplan and Mac Jones will have the ability to check at the line of scrimmage, to signal at the line of scrimmage if that's what they think is going to put them in an advantageous position to be successful."

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