The next-gen version of ‘NBA 2K14′ looks pretty decent, I guess (Video)

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If you, like me, are not an avid video-game player, you might be somewhat confused as to the difference between gaming consoles that have been around for a few years, like PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, and their successors, the PS4 and Xbox One — the "next-generation" consoles on which Sony and Microsoft are preparing to make money hand-over-first at retail upon their release this Christmas season. This, it seems, is one way to illustrate the difference.

This is what the gameplay on the "current-gen" version, released a couple of weeks ago, looks like:

And this, according to a trailer released by 2K Sports on Thursday, is what the gameplay on the next-gen systems will look like:

So, I guess if we're looking for a description of the difference, we could say: This newer thing looks, like, reeeeeeally cool. Cool, and fluid, and detailed down the last bead of sweat and, apparently, unibrow hair. I'm guessing you've already long since been salivating, gamers, and I'm sure this only whets your appetites further.

The real question, though, is whether it's cool enough to overcome the inclusion of Phil Collins in such a prominent soundtracking role. (I mean, I know cover boy LeBron James himself picked it for the soundtrack, but c'mon, man.) I guess we're going to have to wait until the game's official release, which will reportedly come Nov. 15 for the PS4 (two weeks later in the European Union) and Nov. 22 for Xbox One.

The so-called "OMG" trailer only serves to raise the already-high bar over which EA Sports must leap if they want their Kyrie Irving-covered "NBA Live 14" release to make a splash at next-gen retail. The early returns, however, haven't been quite so positive.

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