A newspaper reader writes a letter to the editor complaining about ‘no photographs of Ricky Rubio’

On Saturday night, Minnesota Timberwolves second year guard Ricky Rubio played what was easily his best game of the 2012-13 season. The point man made four of nine shots, a modest mark that still lifted his shooting percentage on the year from 23 percent to 25.7 percent. He scored 14 points, a season high, with eight assists, just two turnovers in 29 minutes, and five steals. His go-ahead lay-up in the final minute of the contest would have been the game winner had Charlotte’s Gerald Henderson not connected on a three-pointer on this ridiculous “play.”

So you can imagine the frustration for readers of the local Star-Tribune when they opened up their Sunday paper to a sports section that was completely devoid of Ricky Rubio photos. Kevin Love remains injured, so the paper had no use for shots of the team’s other star, and the Bobcats final was in well ahead of press time. On top of that, Ricky just played like Ricky for the first time since before his ACL tear in March of 2012. What gives?

One reader, a diligent sort named David Holmes, was less than happy at his local paper’s coverage of Rubio’s night. So he decided to send off a strongly-worded letter. Via Timberwolves scribe Alex Conover, as texted to him by Patrick Middleton:

We agree. We understand the pressures behind putting out both Sunday editions of the paper, but you better have a real good excuse for deciding against printing a picture of Ricky Rubio in any instance, much less on the heels of his best game of the season.

The mind behind the letter is a local artist with a significant and impressive résumé, one that local residents took notice of in late summer of 2012 when he decided to replicate da Vinci’s Mona Lisa expertly on his home driveway. Check out Holmes’ Tumblr, if you get the chance after looking up Rubio images.

Clearly this was all done with tongue placed firmly in cheek, and the Star-Tribune was good sports in printing the letter. Also, here’s a picture of Ricky Rubio:

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