Most Viral Photos: #7 Space shuttle in transit

Yahoo! News

The space shuttle Endeavour used to blast off and cruise around Earth at a mind-boggling 17,500 mph. Its last journey was a little slower. Mothballed after almost two decades of service, the spaceship hitched a ride on a Boeing 747 — buzzing cities and taking a celebratory final flight over landmarks like NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory and San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge at the low altitude of just 1,500 feet — and then landed at its final home at the California Science Center in Los Angeles, California. Almost. For the last 12 miles, the space shuttle rolled slowly along at the walkable pace of 2 mph on a 160-wheeled carrier. Given that the shuttle weighs a pavement-busting 170,000 pounds, caution was understandable, and made the trip — and photos of it — highly memorable. (Photo by Carla Thomas/AP Photo/NASA)

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