Female Fights: #10 Time's breast-feeding cover

Vera H-C Chan
Senior Editor, Special Projects
Yahoo! News

In 2012, women put up a good fight to defend their interests, even as others fought for their favor. Here are the year's top female fights, as measured by search volume and percentage spikes compared with 2011 on Yahoo!.

Amid the at-times volatile discussion of reproductive rights and rape, even breast-feeding came under debate. The image of a 3-year-old suckling on the breast of mom Jamie Lynne Grumet, a proponent of attachment parenting, ignited lookups for Time's breast-feeding cover. The outrage was as much over the orchestration of the photograph (having the boy breast-feed standing up) as the magazine's in-your-face challenge in its article title, "Are You Mom Enough?" Grumet had another breast-feeding cover shot at a much smaller periodical, Pathways to Family Wellness. The more modestly attired 26-year-old addressed the "polarization" that Time's cover had engendered, and focused on what in her blog Grumet called the "bizarre attention" given to a practice she said was touted by doctors and anthropologists.

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