Yasiel Puig joins his new Triple-A teammates in hunting Pokemon

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Gotta catch 'em all, Yasiel Puig (AP)
Gotta catch 'em all, Yasiel Puig (AP)

Since partying with his Triple-A teammates and posting the exploits on Snapchat wasn’t to the liking of Yasiel Puig’s employer, the Los Angeles Dodgers, maybe they’ll care more for his newest hobby.

Puig said he joined his Oklahoma City Dodgers teammates in hunting Pokémon on Thursday night. And while some people may think that makes him a nerd, it’s an otherwise benign activity for the controversial Dodgers outfielder. Mike Trout does it, right?

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Regarding the Snapchat debauchery that made headlines earlier this week: Puig pled a bit of ignorance about how Snapchat works. While that sounds like an excuse, it’s true that Snapchat *is* confusing, so we’re willing to give Puig a little bit of slack.

Whether Puig gets criticized for playing Pokémon, remains to be seen, since some people seem to think professional baseball players should spend every waking moment either playing baseball, practicing baseball or working out.

In Puig’s case, when he’s playing Pokémon, at least he can say he’s at the gym and not be lying.

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