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Kevin Iole, Yahoo Sports U.S.
Manny Pacquiao's hands are going to be too fast for a very game Rios to handle. Rios is an offensive fighter and hasn't spent much time working on his defense. That will hurt him against Pacquiao, who will eventually stop him after a flurry of punches.

Pacquiao TKO7

Carlo Pamintuan, Yahoo Sports Philippines
Brandon Rios is a tireless worker and a fearless fighter. However, his best accolades are not the ones needed to beat someone like Manny Pacquiao. Even at this slightly past-peak level, Pacquiao is still too fast for Rios. He also preys on fighters who come forward and that's really the only way Rios fights. The young guy's only shot at winning is if he outworks Pacquiao for the entire duration of the fight and hope the judges reward his activity. But the most likely scenario is that Rios will discover early that he is not in the same league as Pacquiao. He'll get hit hard and hit often but his chin will hold up. The referee or his corner will save him from career-altering punishment in the end.

Pacquiao TKO9

Cody Brunner, Yahoo Sports U.S.
Earlier in the week, Manny Pacquiao's trainer, Freddie Roach, said it'd be a sixth-round stoppage. Pacquiao himself thought that was being a little bit too conservative, and said it'd be over in four. That kind of confidence could end up being his bane, especially against a heavy-handed puncher like Brandon Rios. If Pacman stands in front of Rios, we could see a repeat of the Juan Manuel Marquez finish. But more likely, Pacquiao will run circles around Rios and pick him apart throughout with his slick combos. Rios' toughness has never been a question so he'll keep playing the zombie -- edging forward and taking punishment -- as long as his corner allows.

Pacquiao TKO11

Noel Zarate, Yahoo Sports Philippines
The hand speed of Manny is miles ahead of Rios' and they may even have the same power (a big maybe on that). Mike Alvarado showed how to dismantle Rios: Box. Pacquiao will do that, except at the speed of light and with Armageddon in mind.

I don't think this will go beyond six rounds before Robert Garcia personally throws in the towel and Rios' face will resemble those of Oscar de la Hoya and Miguel Cotto before him. Pacquiao WON against Tim Bradley and lost to a determined Juan Manuel Marquez. That's all in the past. This won't even be close.

Pacquiao TKO6

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