Yahoo! Fantasy Football '12: Game on!

That's right, gamers, Fantasy Football 2012 is now LIVE. Yahoo! operators are standing by, eager to process your order. Or you can just click right here and sign-up the way you've always done it.
Our first round of pre-preseason ranks are available for your perusal, too, so there's no reason you shouldn't draft a team immediately, this instant. Do it. GO.
Among the various additions and improvements to this year's game, you'll find the following:
Pro Leagues, in which you can win a pile of cash money competing against fools who think they're fit to challenge you.

[Fantasy Football '12: Sign up now and get an early jump on your friends]

Message board enhancements, such as league polls and topic pinning.

New dynasty tools, allowing managers to declare keepers and commissioners to do all sorts of useful things.
League availability indicators within player notes.
Predetermined random draft order.
And of course there's much, much more, including improved mobile apps (which I'm not really qualified to discuss, because I'm still using one of these bad boys). Get in the game, people. Let's draft. Beat-the-expert leagues, forming soon …

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