Worst bracket ever: One entry went 0-for-16 on Thursday

Thousands of perfect entries still remain in the Yahoo Sports Tourney Pick’Em contest after a first day that saw 14 of the 16 games won by the lower seed.

But only one entry stands alone as being uniquely terrible.

Of all the entries that picked results for all 63 games, only one bracket went 0-for-16 on Thursday. That would be “Bracket McBracketface,” a user who adopted a bold and chaotic strategy that included picking all four No. 16 seeds to win their first-round games. Check out his bracket right here.

Looking at Mr. McBracketface’s picks, it’s not hard to see why the entry scored so low. He picked mostly higher seeds to win and picked No. 10 Wichita State to beat No. 16 South Dakota State 1-0 in the championship.

We’re going to have to double check this, but that final score would probably be a record.

But what makes this kind of impressive is that McBracketface twice broke his trolling strategy to successfully pick against the two instances of the higher seed winning on Thursday: No. 12 Middle Tennessee State beat No. 5 Minnesota in the South Region and No. 11 Xavier beat No. 6 Maryland in the West Region.

That’s right, Gophers and Terps fans: With an apparent thirst to pick only losers, McBracketface singled out both of your squads as “L” worthy.

It should be noted that it’s possible this bracket is part of some bizarro reverse pool where the aim is to record the lowest amount of points. And if so, this guy has to be feeling pretty good about his chances right now.

“Bracket McBracketface” went 0-for-16 on Thursday’s picks. (Yahoo Sports)
“Bracket McBracketface” went 0-for-16 on Thursday’s picks. (Yahoo Sports)

We’ll see what happens on Friday. McBracketface is going with the higher seed in each matchup save for No. 7 Michigan over No. 10 Oklahoma State and No. 6 Creighton over No. 11 Rhode Island. Both games could well see the higher seed walk away with upsets.

UPDATE: The dream is dead. Michigan won in Friday’s first game meaning that McBracketface finally stumbled into some points.

As for those of us attempting to pick each game right, almost a full one percent of Yahoo Tourney Pick’Em entries went a perfect 16-for-16 on Thursday.

One percent may not seem like a lot but the first day of last year’s tournament was a lot more chaotic: 99.999 percent of Yahoo entries were busted by the end of that day thanks to wins from two No. 11 seeds and two No. 12 seeds.

Meanwhile, 6.1 percent of us made at least 15 correct picks, 17.8 percent recorded 14 wins and 24.1 percent tallied 13 right selections.

Of course, all the relative calm on Thursday can only mean one thing.

Get ready for a wild Friday.

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