Wonder Woman Movie on WB's Schedule

Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman

Historically, men dominate the superhero film genre. We were promised Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Superman and Batman, and they were  all delivered to us. Heck, even Ant-Man gets a solo film treatment. Yet no female-centered comic book film has been on the horizon—until now. According to the nearly infallible Nikke Finke, Warner Bros. aims to fix that with a solo film featuring Wonder Woman, slated to arrive in July 2017.

The movie is expected shortly after Justice League hits theaters, falling in line with Gal Gadot's comments that its success depends on the audience's reception of her version of Diane Prince, whom we'll first see in 2016's Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

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Interestingly, a shareholder took Time Warner to task during the company's annual meeting for its lack of female-centered material, and DC Entertainment president Diane Nelson responded, "At DC Entertainment, we talk frequently about how we heighten the presence of female storytellers and creators with our comic books, digital and physical. It's something we're very conscious of. We have more work to do. But I think if we talk again in a couple of years, you'll be pleased with the results."

Outside of Gadot's assumed role, little is known about the upcoming film. Even though it's on the schedule, a lot of things can happen between now and then. We'll have to wait and see if WB actually delivers.

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