Winners and Losers from the Steelers final preseason game

Neal Coolong
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The Steelers failed to score a point in their preseason loss to Carolina. Naturally, the offensive side of the ball is going to get called out a bit.


Jarvis Jones - If he didn't start the game (pregame graphics showed he did not), he took notice. Jones was a different player in this game. Physical, aggressive and working in great concert with defensive end Brett Keisel, Jones got pressure on multiple plays and was a force against the run.

Lawrence Timmons - Excellent in coverage in the time he was in there, got in on a few plays, again, it seems the heightened point-of-attack strength of the defensive end position helped Timmons just like it helped Jones. So that probably means we should put...

Brett Keisel - ...on the list. Considering he hasn't played fully since last year, Keisel looked pretty solid. He may be a step slower than he'll be in a few weeks, but he looked strong, and he had the same kind of timing he's always had. He set up both Jones and Stephon Tuitt on T-E stunts, getting across the tackle both sides, helping free up his teammate.

Darrius Heyward-Bey - We'll find out in roughly 36 hours how much weight Steelers coach Mike Tomlin and his staff really puts into this final game. DHB got his first extended look this preseason, and he made as much of it as he could have. Was it enough to unseat perceived favorite for the team's fifth wide receiver spot?


Landry Jones - This was actually his best performance this preseason. He completed 14-of-18 passes, but failed to lead the offense to points in several drives. It appeared on first viewing Jones was given looks down the field but he didn't really try anything deep. He looked off a bit on throws with his receiver on the move, hitting a few of them behind their momentum - most notably a third down pass to Will Johnson. Had Jones led him a little bit Johnson could have gotten the first down. To his credit, it was a tough throw. On the other hand, Jones checked out of a play on his second drive, took a seven-step drop around the goal line and, to his surprise, didn't see a receiver in the flat. He nearly took a safety. He came even closer to throwing an interception on his next throw.

Graham Pocic - Two holding calls on pretty much the only drive the Steelers' offense looked like it might get close to scoring points. He wasn't going to make the team anyway, but it's worth noting.

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