Who Were the Worst Reality TV Stars This Week?

Angel Cohn

Somehow, Mariah Carey and her scepter of annoyance escaped our list this week, though we really don't understand what show she's watching when she thinks saving Devin is an idea with any merit.

Anastasia ("The Real World: Portland")
Welcome to Portland, you delusional girl. Clearly, Anastasia has never seen a reality show before, particularly one that airs on MTV. She is constantly outraged by the way the guys in the house objectify women (all of whom, including Anastasia, are running around in tiny bikinis) by ranking their butts or by bringing home skanky girls. It's going to be a long season if she's just going to be indignant all the time.

Adrienne ("Real Housewives of Beverly Hills")
She showed up at Lisa's anniversary/housewarming, didn't talk to the hosts, sat in the corner with her friends to complain about her crumbling marriage, and then left bitching that Lisa and Ken didn't properly greet her. Gee, when you've been so nice to them for so many months? Also, she didn't even have the guts to show up at the reunion to defend her actions all season, and will be off the show for good. Don't let the door hit ya on the way out.

Watch the ladies react to Adrienne's absence on the "RHOBH" reunion:

Kailyn ("Teen Mom 2")
She got fed up with her live-in boyfriend having his giant dog (along with her giant dog) in the house when they had guests (with a small baby) over. She screamed at him in front of everyone and then grabbed his face and physically shoved him. She seemed so surprised when he decided to pack up and leave... though it was too quickly forgiven, if you ask us.

Layana ("Project Runway")
When will people stop being so mean to poor Daniel? This week, the super-entitled Layana steamrolled all over him and his ideas, and bitched about pretty much everything. Her most horrible act this week (aside from crying when Tim Gunn dared to give her a harsh critique) was trying to blame Daniel for not giving her credit for the look that he made. You can't have it all, Layana.

Max and Katie ("The Amazing Race")
Him for talking about how much sex he and his new bride were going to have in Africa (thankfully, the actual act happened off-camera) and for repeating the phrase "Big hair, big brain" over and over like he's trying to make "fetch" happen or something. Her because she didn't use her big brain before complaining about how bad the bushmen smelled when they were in her car. Ugly -- and annoying -- Americans, indeed.

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Winner: Kailyn
Being physically violent to your domestic partner will always get you a win when it comes to our heinous list.

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