When Elvis Fell in Love With Mary Tyler Moore

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Mary Tyler Moore and Elvis Presley in "Change of Habit" (1969).
Mary Tyler Moore and Elvis Presley in "Change of Habit" (1969).

And we're not just talking onscreen. In his last feature-film role, 1969's "Change of Habit," Elvis Presley played a doctor who fell in love with a nun played by Mary Tyler Moore. But Moore told Larry King in a 2002 interview that the King of Rock had a little thang for her offscreen, too.

Now thanks to Starz Encore's "Whole Lotta Elvis" movie marathon -- during which the network will air selections from Presley's 31-movie (33 if you include two concert films) acting resumé -- you can watch "Habit" for signs of Elvis's affection for the Emmy-winning sitcom queen.

Watch a video montage of Presley's 31 films:  

The marathon, which kicked off on May 1 with "Girls! Girls! Girls!" and will run all month long, features 24 Elvis movies, including the 1981 docudrama "This Is Elvis," which mixed archival footage of Elvis and voice-overs by his friends and family with re-enactments by four actors who portrayed the King at various stages of his life.

Moore wasn't the only leading lady Elvis crushed on during his Hollywood days; he once said, in fact, that he had slept with every one of his leading ladies except Moore.

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A quick guide to the superstar's other famous leading ladies, as well as his other famous co-stars, his favorite onscreen occupation, and his favorite movie setting:

Girls, Girls, Girls, Indeed

The Encore marathon will feature films with some of Elvis's most well-known leading ladies, including Ann-Margret ("Viva Las Vegas"), Donna Douglas ("Frankie and Johnny"), MTM ("Change of Habit"), Carolyn Jones ("King Creole"), Nancy Sinatra ("Speedway"), Ursula Andress ("Fun in Acapulco"), Shelley Fabares ("Girl Happy," "Spinout," and "Clambake"), Juliet Prowse ("G.I. Blues"), and Mary Ann Mobley ("Girl Happy" and "Harum Scarum").

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Other Famous Co-Stars

Elvis didn't just romance his famous, and future-famous, movie co-stars. Other celebs you can catch working alongside the King in the "Whole Lotta Elvis" marathon include Harry Morgan ("Frankie and Johnny"), Angela Lansbury ("Blue Hawaii"), Walter Matthau ("King Creole"), Bill Bixby ("Clambake" and "Speedway"), Burgess Meredith ("Stay Away, Joe"), Charles Bronson ("Kid Galahad"), Barbara Stanwyck ("Roustabout"), Ed Asner ("Change of Habit"), and, making his big-screen debut, Kurt Russell in 1963's "It Happened at the World's Fair." Russell would also go on to play Elvis in the 1979 ABC TV movie "Elvis."

Hawaii, Elvis Style

Does it seem like every Elvis movie featured him playing a racecar driver or living in Hawaii? That is part of the guilty-pleasure fun of Elvis movies, but he actually made just three Hawaii-set movies, all which pop up in the Encore marathon: "Blue Hawaii," "Paradise, Hawaiian Style," and "Girls! Girls! Girls!"

Check out this clip from "Paradise, Hawaiian Style," in which Elvis bonds with the kiddies while singing the fun, tongue-twister tune "Queenie Wahine's Papaya":

King of the Road?

And speaking of racecar movies, it may seem like Elvis was always portraying some racecar-driving playboy named Rusty, but he played a racecar driver in just three of his movies (which are all featured in the "Whole Lotta Elvis" marathon): "Speedway," "Spinout," and, his most famous of the three, "Viva Las Vegas."

He also played just one character named Rusty (Wells, in "Girl Happy"), but some of his other, more colorful movie-character names include Vince Everett ("Jailhouse Rock"), Tulsa McLean ("G.I. Blues"), Toby Kwimper ("Follow That Dream"), Lucy Jackson ("Viva Las Vegas"), and Joe Lightcloud ("Stay Away, Joe").

The complete 31-night lineup for Encore's "Whole Lotta Elvis" May movie marathon is available at Starz.com.

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