What were the top 3 best-selling items at Rio Olympics?

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RIO DE JANEIRO – The Rio Olympics had two “megastores” open during the Games. One was situated inside the Olympic Park, while the other was located on Copacabana Beach. “We had an average of 85,000 visitors at both stores every day,” said Mario Andrada, Rio 2016 spokesman.

But what were they buying?

According to organizers, here are the top three best-selling items at the Rio Olympics:

3. Copo Elegance Dose (a.k.a. a box with three shot glasses)

Yahoo Sports
Yahoo Sports

These three shot glasses with the logos of different Olympic sports were sold out at the Olympic Park megastore by Sunday’s Closing Ceremony. They retailed for 35 Brazilian Real, or about $12 U.S., which is a pretty decent bargain for officially licensed shot glasses.

But they’re also an investment! These ones are selling for 200 Real on an auction site.

2. Flip-Flops

Yahoo Sports
Yahoo Sports

There was a wall of flip-flops at the megastores that needed constant restocking as people bought up the Havaianas brand footwear. According to the organizers, they’re “quintessentially carioca – colorful, easy-going, cool.”

They’re also only about $5 U.S., and really, what officially branded item have you ever purchased that cost less than a McDonald’s value meal? A pen, maybe?

These ones – featuring Rio 2016 mascot Vinicius, a mixture of all Brazilian animals that also has all of their powers – were among the best sellers. That’s because Vinicius equals cash money, as evidenced by our top-selling item:

1. This Dumb Hat


Rio 2016
Rio 2016

Hats in general were huge sellers at the Rio Games, with every one that was branded with the Olympics’ logo sold out at the main megastore by the Closing Ceremonies. They retailed for 55 Real, or about $17 U.S.

But yes, this was the best-seller: The goofy Vinicius head hat, complete with plush green tail/mullet. It was the must-have headgear for the Games, and it quickly sold out in both youth and adult sizes, as apparently adults have no shame at the Olympics.

Overall, sales at the Rio megastores were 11 percent higher than the original targets from Rio 2016 organizers, according to Andrada.

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