What Is the Sexiest 'Jeopardy!' Category Ever? [Video]

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"Jeopardy!" got down and dirty Tuesday night with a steamy new category called the Sexiest Potpourri Ever.

"Potpourri" is a grab-bag category of miscellaneous answers. And for this provocative version, each clue was accompanied by sensual, jazzy music, and host Alex Trebek did his best Barry White impression, reading the answers in a low, come-hither voice.

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"Let's turn the lights low and give thanks to this man who also gave the world the first industrial research lab," he intoned suggestively, as the contestants giggled.

Contestant George correctly answered, "Who is Edison?"

Trebek was clearly having a blast with the sexy category, adding flirtatious murmurs here and there.

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"That's right, baby. In 1534, Suleiman the Magnificent conquered Iraq in leading this empire against Persia," he read. When contestant Larry gave the correct response -- "What is the Ottoman Empire?" Trebek crooned back, "Oh, yes."

Mmmmm, Alex, you can Daily Double us anytime!

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