What's Seahawks' top lucky charm: Unger's beard, Sherman's locks or Wilson's curls?

Yahoo Sports

NEWARK, N.J. – When word reached Yahoo Sports that a debate was raging in the Seattle Seahawks' locker room regarding lucky superstitions ahead of Sunday's Super Bowl, it was nothing less than our duty to embark upon a detailed and intense investigation.

Members of the Seattle Seahawks can't agree whether Max Unger's remarkably luxuriant playoff beard, Richard Sherman's flowing dreadlocks or Russell Wilson's curls are most likely to bestow fortune on the team against the Denver Broncos. Unger stopped shaving after Week 8, Sherman's dreads have become as iconic as his interviews, while Wilson has refused a trim despite protests from his colleagues throughout the team's playoff run.

Yahoo Sports tackled the matter by asking members of the squad to give their take on the hairy subject that has gotten superstitious tongues wagging.


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