What did Rob Manfred discuss in his meeting with Donald Trump?

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Rob Manfred readies for his meeting with Donald Trump. (AP Photo)
Rob Manfred readies for his meeting with Donald Trump. (AP Photo)

Baseball is already great, in our opinion, but that didn’t stop commissioner Rob Manfred from attending an important meeting Tuesday. Manfred met with president-elect Donald Trump to discuss … well, no one is exactly sure.

The meeting, which was also attended by New York Yankees president Randy Levine, came as a surprise to the baseball world. No one was sure what the three men would discuss, or whether it would impact baseball.

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Following the meeting, Manfred didn’t really give any insight into his conversation with the president-elect. His full statement to Barry Svrluga of The Washington Post read:

“I had a really nice meeting with the President-elect. He explained to me his history with the game and what a great baseball fan he is, and we are glad that we had an opportunity to get together before his inauguration.”

That’s pretty vague. While we may never truly know what the three men discussed, we can take some wild guesses.

Donald Trump knows baseball. (Getty Images/Ronald C. Modra/Sports Imagery)
Donald Trump knows baseball. (Getty Images/Ronald C. Modra/Sports Imagery)

Here is a list of possible talking points for the meeting:

  • How the Boston Red Sox built and paid for the Green Monster

  • Why Major League Baseball should have an exhibition game in Russia

  • Making the Yankees great again in 2017

  • Alex Rodriguez: Hater and also loser

  • Locker room talk

  • Finding a cabinet position for former outfielder Luke Scott

  • Why I should pitch for the Yankees next year

  • A-Rod: I don’t like him

  • Curt Schilling is a no-doubt Hall of Famer

  • Becoming a member of the Racing Presidents

  • How to win in Florida

  • Derek Jeter is my friend

  • Succeeding someone willing to overlook minor drug violations

  • My career as the best baseball player in the state of New York

  • Why Bernie Bros is a terrible name for the Bernie Williams fan club

  • Fever Pitch 2

  • Seriously, Alex Rodriguez, have I told you how much he sucks?

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