What are the top 5 NHL jerseys of all-time? (Video)

Greg Wyshynski

As you know, the NHL is celebrating its centennial this year, which means plenty of nostalgic looks back at the last 100 years and subjective lists ranking all the things that occurred during them.

(Like the The 100 Greatest NHL Players of All-Time, for example.)

Yahoo Sports is celebrating the NHL centennial with some lists of our own, beginning with the Top 5 NHL Jerseys. And while we won’t tell you where it falls on the list, we can promise you that this favorite of Cameron Frye might have made the cut:

Join Puck Daddy’s Josh Cooper, Jen Neale and Greg Wyshynski, as well as Yahoo Sports executive editor Bob Condor and some famous NHL faces, as we count down some of the NHL’s greatest at its centennial.

What do you think are the best NHL jerseys of all-time? Answers in the comments, please!