Wetzel podcast: Thoughts on Peyton Manning choosing Broncos, NCAA tournament

Dan Wetzel
Yahoo! Sports

Gregg Doyel, columnist at CBSSports.com, joins the Dan Wetzel podcast this week to discuss the Peyton Manning/Tim Tebow saga and debate whether there is a measure of appropriateness in Bob Knight's refusal to say the word "Kentucky."

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It starts with Manning and his expected impact on the Denver Broncos. Then comes a look at Tebow's future, the hurdles he has to overcome, the problem with his fans and whether Jacksonville and Miami are the only places that make sense.

Finally, Gregg thinks Knight's refusal to say "Kentucky" is inappropriate and juvenile. Dan doesn't disagree with this, but in a world of always-positive analysts, having one express his real opinion matters. If nothing else, Knight has everyone talking.

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