Week 13 Fantasy Bad Beats: A symphony of playoff dreams destroyed

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If you made the fantasy playoffs thanks to a victory in Week 13, congratulations!

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Unfortunately, not everyone was so privileged. Many players saw their playoff hopes come to an end — some in more brutal fashion than others.

On this edition of Bad Beats, Andy Behrens details a cavalcade of sorrow, breaking down the defeats suffered by players on the playoff fringe.

An especially bad one involved a Todd Gurley-owner not making it. You’ll want to see this one to believe it.

Our Dishonorable Mention of the week belongs to none other than Andy himself! Yes, he took a one-point loss in a must-win matchup against another one of our experts.

Tell us about your tales of woe each week by sending a video talking about your bad beat or share a screenshot of your scoreboard at #FFLBadBeats.

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