Wednesday Talking Points

Mark Passwaters, Editor
Aggie Yell

Hey, where'd you come from?


Every spring, a few guys come along and surprise us with their performances. That doesn't necessarily mean that they'll do anything in the regular season, but it means...that, well, they had a good spring and that could be something later.

Here are some of the guys who caught my eye this spring:

1. Jhamon Ausbon. Don't know how it could be anyone else. This guy came out and dominated from his first college snap. He's got NFL size and he's just going to keep getting stronger. I think teams are going to find out that Christian Kirk isn't the only star in the Aggie receiver corps, but it may take them getting burned to realize it.

2. Aaron Hansford. Another receiver? Yep. Hansford was a guy a lot of people wanted (understandably) to see at linebacker, but he's justifying his spot with the receivers. He's gained a good bit of weight but hasn't lost any speed. And he can jump, as he showed on his touchdown catch in the spring game. He could be the big body the Aggies need to turn 3rd and shorts into 1st downs. We'll see.

3. Keldrick Carper. For a guy learning how to play the This kid has a huge upside. He's already got the size to play and definitely has the want-to. With Derrick Tucker and Ikenna Okeke, the Aggies could be looking at their next big three at safety.

4. Kemah Siverand. I have no idea if Siverand will ever play a snap in major college football at corner. But I do know that he didn't look completely clueless or overwhelmed. He's got the size John Chavis wants and he's clearly not backing down from the challenge. At the very least, he's someone worth rooting for.

5. Roney Elam. Last year, he was described as being able to cover anyone but also so skinny he could hide behind a lightpost. Not the case anymore. Elam looks like he's finally starting to fill out, and he got used a lot at Friday Night Lights. He played the "Mustang" like Alex Sezer did last year, but brought more pop; he also played outside and did well. The Aggies keep on looking for corner options, but one guy that is starting to pop up in conversations more often is Elam. Good for him.

Could the Browns be stupid enough NOT to pick Myles Garrett?


Baseball adapts, bounces back

The Aggies are 23-11, 5-7 in the SEC. That's not great, but they're 4-2 in their last six conference games against No. 8 LSU (at LSU) and No. 11 Auburn.

That is great, especially when you consider that this sucker was on the verge of spinning out of control three weeks ago.

But, the length of baseball's season allows for teams to adapt and reinvent themselves, and that's what A&M has done.

Corbin Martin and his bigtime fastball were supposed to close this year. He struggled in the role and moved into the rotation, where he's been iffy but better. And he helped fill a role. Steven Kolek came out of nowhere to start Sundays and held Auburn to 1 run in his last outing.

There's hope for more improvement: Turner Larkins got back on the hill for his first start of the year against Abilene Christian Tuesday and threw 3 innings of no-hit ball. John Doxakis followed him with another 4 as the Aggies only gave up one hit on the night. Both of those guys are going to be vital if this rejuvenation is to continue.

Offensively, the Aggies are being carried by their kids. Braden Shewmake is an All-SEC shoo-in as a true freshman, and catcher Hunter Coleman may join him. Braden Logan is the third true freshman hitting over .300 (out of four guys total), which means one of two things: the league will adjust to these guys or they're going to get better. I'd bet on the latter, so it's up to the upperclassmen to pull their weight. If they can, the Aggies could surprise a lot of people in the second half.

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