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Mark Passwaters, Editor
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See, I told you so


You can also call this segment "a blind man could've seen this coming", but give me my moment of glory.

Two observations (or suggestions?) I made earlier in the spring have come to pass: the Aggies are messing around with a 3-man defensive front and Riley Garner is at middle linebacker. Both of these moves made obvious sense, which is why I brought them up to start with. But a little more reasoning on this.

First off, the front line. What's A&M's biggest defensive deficiency? Defensive end. What's an area of growing depth? Defensive tackle. You've got a bunch of guys in the 290-300 range and a couple in the 310-320 range (and Daylon Mack). It's not hard to cobble together a group that can go two-deep at all three positions. Mack, Zaycoven Henderson and TD Moton in the middle; Justin Madubuike (more on him in a second) and Kingsley Keke outside with Jayden Peevy and Reggie Chevis backing them up. That's a lot of size and not a little bit of talent. A front of Keke/Mack/Madubuike would be as big or bigger than the 3-man front Alabama used last year. I'm not saying it would be as good, but it has the potential to take up a lot of space and free up the linebackers to make plays.

Potentially. I'll believe that actually happens when I see it.

I don't think the Aggies will use this exclusively and they may not even use it a lot, but I do like it conceptually. Getting Tyrel Dodson on the field full-time is another bonus.

As for Garner: why would he not be at Mike? If Anthony Hines is going to be on the outside along with Justin Dunning, Richard Moore, Santino Marchiol, Dwaine Thomas and Buddy Johnson, when's Garner getting on the field? Conversely, you need more guys in the middle, especially if you run a 3-4 at times. It just makes sense.

Ok, that's all I got on that. Go me. Yay.

(And go you if you also figured all this out, which you probably did.)

"Hey, that guy looks bigger" (spring 2017 edition)

A few observations on guys who seem to have gotten a lot bigger over the past few months, which, in sum, is absolutely worthless but still catches your eye:

Justin Madubuike is a monster now. He's gone from pretty thin last fall to a rock this year. He's definitely playing this year if he stays healthy. He must be 300 pounds, and it's all muscle. He's the one guy who stands out team wide.

Trayveon Williams has added muscle too. I don't think he'll ever be a power back, but he looks like he's not going to be easy to bring down either.

Justin Dunning looks like an absolute monster. If he stays healthy, he's got the size to really be an impact player if he figures out this linebacker thing.

Kellen Diesch is over 300 pounds and still looks thin. Not as thin, but thin. That's what happens when you're 6'7".

Roney Elam has looked thin as a rail for two years. He finally has a little weight on him and it'll be interesting to see where he falls in to the corner competition.

The star of camp?


He may be a true freshman (and an early enrollee at that), but WR Jhamon Ausbon is already showing signs that A&M did very well for itself stealing him from LSU. We've told you Ausbon is running with the 1s and has looked good in the limited time we've seen him, but there are other signs he's wowing the coaching staff. When Bruce Feldman comes out and tweets about how impressive he is, that's coming straight from Kevin Sumlin. So, barring a minor upset, Josh Reynolds' replacement has been named without being formally named.

As for the rest of the receiver competition, it's still up in the air and a lot of fun to speculate about. I still think Kirk Merritt will start at RSJ's old position and Aaron Hansford will back him up; I am not at all sold on Damion Ratley starting. That just falls back into "I'll believe it when I see it." I think Clyde Chriss and Hezekiah Jones can make a greater impact. That leaves Quartney Davis out there, and I guess he may be Ausbon's backup. When you've got 4-stars and Rivals 250 guys backing up 4-stars and Rivals 100 guys, you're moving in the right direction. If you want to win the SEC, though, you need to do it at more than safety, defensive tackle, running back and wideout. It's got to be across the board.

Pro Day

Is tomorrow, starting at 9:30 a.m. I suspect we'll see some high-ranking folks, including some GMs and head coaches, at the event. If all 32 teams aren't represented, it will be a major upset. They won't all be there for Myles Garrett, either; Justin Evans will get a lot of attention after not running at the combine and the interest level in Jermaine Eluemunor and Avery Gennessy is up. Josh Reynolds should be getting a lot of attention as well (finally).

We'll be in attendance as well.

Too good to pass up (watch the one Carolina fan in the right hand corner)

The Lord will be with you...always (or, that is not who you think it is)


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