Wednesday Talking Points

Mark Passwaters, Editor
Aggie Yell

We're down to a little over a week until the NFL Draft kicks off, and there's a lot of speculation about where Texas A&M's contingent of players could end up.


First and foremost, it still looks like Myles Garrett is going to make history and become the first Aggie to be taken #1 overall in the draft. Cleveland isn't interested in trading out and their flirtation with quarterbacks has (for the moment at least), slackened. Still, we do have eight days and a lot can happen. But it will be a huge shock if Garrett isn't gone by #2 overall at the latest.

So who goes next? My money is on Justin Evans, and it has been for a while. There's a lot of good safeties in this class, but he's getting significantly overlooked in terms of hype. I figured he was a second-round guy before Pro Day, and I'll stick with that now. Lots of teams could use a guy like him, including Dallas, Washington, Carolina, Buffalo (you'll see that name a lot), Indianapolis and even Tampa. If he's not gone in the top 100, I'll be disappointed.

One guy who is drawing a lot of attention is Daeshon Hall. I've heard from one scout who thinks he's a top 50 guy, while most others think he's a mid-round (3rd to 5th round) pick. Buffalo likes him a lot, supposedly. Philadelphia is another potential landing spot. The 49ers like Garrett a lot, so would they take a run at Hall a little later in the draft? GM John Lynch watched him very closely at Pro Day.


The guy who may get the most mentioned is the player many of you think is A&M's most overlooked: Josh Reynolds. The wideout is projected to be a 3rd or 4th round pick, and a ton of teams -- Arizona, the Eagles, the Redskins and yes, the Bills -- could all make a stab at him there. Most scouts think he's a #2 wideout in the NFL, and I'll buy into that. I saw one guy say he's a fringe guy, a 4th wideout, and that analyst should be fired.

I saw that Gil Brandt of NFL Network had Ricky Seals-Jones as his #101 player overall in this draft, but I don't think he's next off the board (or even the one after that). I think Jermaine Eleumunor will go after Reynolds, but it may be a wait. Eluemunor impressed with his work at the combine and Pro Day, and the idea that he's still raw with limited football-playing experience is intriguing. Personally, I don't care about that or the England angle -- I care about the fact that he's extremely strong and could maul people as a guard. I think he's a 5th round-type of guy.

That brings us to Avery Gennesy, who slipped from a fringe 1st round grade before the season to the later rounds now. That's not a real knock on him, it's a mis-analysis at that time. He is what he is: he's a serviceable guy who is trying to make himself more versatile to help his draft status. I think he's still a tackle, and could develop into a starter in time, but he's a later round pick at the moment.

Now we get to the later rounds, and this is where someone may take a flyer on RSJ. He's being sold as a tight end now, which is what he's going to have to be to stick in the league. I didn't like his leaving early, even though everyone knew it was coming, and still don't. But if he's able to become a tight end or H-back, he could be dangerous there. But it's all projectability at this point.

As for Speedy Noil, Trevor Knight and Shaan Washington, things don't look good in terms of being drafted. Noil's reputation among scouts is brutally low and several teams have him off their boards entirely. Knight's inconsistency seems to be outweighing his athleticism, and Washington was snakebit by getting hurt at Pro Day. He should at least get a shot at someone's training camp, though.

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