Wednesday Practice Notes

Courtney Roland, Editor
Aggie Yell

Texas A&M football had their first practice of the spring inside the McFerrin Athletic Facility on Wednesday afternoon. Storms blew through College Station around 5 AM this morning, and even though it was sunny and 85° at the start of practice the fields were still wet enough to move inside

The media was given a good thirty minutes of time to watch before being escorted out. Having been inside things were a little more cramped, and half the Waller football team was on the sideline with their coach.

A positive to being inside was how loud the music was, and providing a noise element for the players to have to adjust to.

After stretch the offense ran the hurry-up two minute drill against air.

Jake Hubenak lead the first team. He found Jhamon Ausbon early out wide, and followed that up with two quick sharp passes that lead his group into the endzone. Along the offensive line for the first group was Koda Martin, Erik McCoy, Colton Prater, Ryan McCollum and Keaton Sutherland.

Running the second team at quarterback was Nick Starkel. His first play was a hand off to Kwame Etwi. Starkel was consistent and showed the ability to run the offense with speed without making little mistakes. The big guys in the trenches for Starkel were Justin Dworacyk, Drew Beakey, Austin Anderson, Robert Congel and Riley Anderson.

Kellen Mond lead the third team, and is starting to show that he is getting more and more comfortable with running the offense; playing with more speed and passing the ball with the precision and sharpness that we saw him with at IMG. That is what spring is all about; and how well he can develop on top of that this summer will be the key. The offensive line consisted of Tank Davis, Jared Hocker, Brayden Talbert and Cagan Baldree.

At this point in the spring things are moving along more smoothly for the younger group and coaches are able to "coach" the players up more rather than having to point out basics.

After the offense worked through the two minute drill the quarterbacks lined up firing off passes to the receivers as they worked in route running and timing. As for the defense, each unit worked on fine tuning hitting and foot work. Here are some quick clips:

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