We asked the people: Is that an MLB relief pitcher or a dude in a band?

You know what relief pitchers in Major League Baseball and dudes in bands have in common? Beards. There are other things, I’m sure. But it’s mostly beards. So with that, Big League Stew is thrilled to present to you our second annual baseball quiz: MLB relief pitcher or dude in a band?

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The concept is pretty simple. We walked around spring training in Arizona with an iPad stocked with photos of dudes in bands and MLB relievers. We asked fans to pick which was which. The results come to life in the fun video above.

Relief pitcher or dude in a band: Can you tell the difference? (Yahoo Sports)
Relief pitcher or dude in a band: Can you tell the difference? (Yahoo Sports)

We did this last year too with a different batch of band dudes and relief pitchers — except Sean Doolittle of the Oakland Athletics. He’s our reigning baseball-dude-who-looks-most-like-he-would-be-in-a-band, so we really can’t play this game without him.

Some are easy. Some are tougher. Some of these guys have lots of saves. Some have sold millions of records. Can you tell the difference? Good news, you can play along at home while we watch the video. Just be quick with your answers.

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