Watch Tom Brady's panicked reaction when he suspects his jersey is stolen after Super Bowl LI

HOUSTON — Just minutes after Tom Brady won his record fifth Super Bowl, he came back to his locker to pack up his most prized possession: his game-worn jersey.

To his surprise – and the equipment managers and security team around him – the jersey was gone. Brady said he “absolutely, 100-percent put it in my bag” in his locker, but it went missing.

He spent the next 15 minutes frantically trying to find the jersey to no avail. Nobody had any answers, with Brady joking that it would be put on eBay.

“If anyone sees on eBay, a jersey for sale …” Brady joked.

When Patriots team owner Robert Kraft approached him, Brady said, “Someone stole my game jersey.”

“You better look online,” Kraft replied.

Brady would depart the scene to hit the showers, with the jersey still missing.

When he received his Super Bowl MVP trophy the next morning, the jersey was still nowhere to be found.

“I put it in my bag, and then I came out and it wasn’t there anymore, so that’s unfortunate, because that’s a nice piece of memorabilia,” Brady said Monday morning. “So, if it shows up on eBay somewhere, someone let me know. I’ll try to track that down.”

Asked if he was so upset about losing the jersey because he intended to give it to his mother, who has been undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatment for the past year, Brady added, “Those are pretty special ones to keep, but what can you do? I’ll take the ring, and that’s good enough for me.”

Wherever the jersey is, after the biggest comeback in Super Bowl history and arguably the greatest ever, it belongs in one of two places: Canton or the Brady family’s wall.

Alan Springer reporting

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