Watch the First Four Minutes of 'Defiance,' Episode 6 [Exclusive Video]

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Previously on "Defiance," Nolan's (Grant Bowler) two deputies -- including his adopted daughter Irisa (Stephanie Leonidas) -- had a little tryst on the floor of the lawkeeper's station while he was away. Makes you wonder what they will be doing the next time he steps out.

In this exclusive four-minute sneak peek at Episode 6, "Brothers in Arms," a Castithan man checks out a few snazzy pieces to upgrade his frumpy look at a street vendor when he spots Eddie, a human bounty hunter. Eddie chases him, until the Castithan throws down a "crystalline drop blast," which spews out a blue liquid explosive. The Kool-Aid-looking bomb knocks down everyone in sight, taking the leg of a grocer with it.

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No worries -- chief lawkeeper Nolan to the rescue! He takes down the offending Castithan, knocking him into a set of overly anatomically correct mannequins. Naked mannequin parts are strewn about as Nolan arrests the offender. But Eddie wants the guy all to himself. It's OK, though, because it turns out that Eddie's old friends with Nolan. Luckily, Deputy Irisa isn't getting down and dirty with Deputy Tommy (Dewshane Williams) when Nolan brings in his prize. That would have been awkward!

Things get awkward anyway when Nolan forces his friend to check in his seemingly never-ending supply of guns. After handing over his abundant stash, he asks Nolan to hand over his bounty. Nolan isn't very keen on following other people's orders, so it's doubtful Eddie will get his man anytime soon.

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Meanwhile, the Castithan recognizes the town's androgynous chief Indogene medicine woman, Doc Yewll (Trenna Keating). Yewll has a secret she's been keeping from the townspeople regarding her scientific studies during the Pale Wars, which likely involved the poking and prodding of humans. Will Yewll make a deal with the Castithan and set him free in exchange for keeping her secret safe?

Find out when "Brothers in Arms" airs on Monday, 5/20 at 9 PM on SyFy.


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