Watch the First Four Minutes of 'Defiance,' Episode 4 [Exclusive Video]

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Previously on "Defiance," Datak (Tony Curran) had sentenced Elah Bandik (Robert Clarke) to a "cleansing" that turned out to be limb-pulling torture. Nolan (Grant Bowler), disgusted by the display, put a stop to the persecution as Defiance's chief lawkeeper. Bandik was later found dead after he gave himself over to Datak to be killed in secret.

In this exclusive four-minute sneak peek at Episode 4, "A Well Respected Man," Nolan suspects that Datak had something to do with Bandik's death and will stop at nothing to prove his suspicions. This includes taking the money Datak was using to buy weapons to arm the damaged town after its protective force field was lost. Nolan plans to use the cash to pay off snitches that will spill the beans about Datak's "operations," which undoubtedly include what happened to Bandik.

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Nolan seems to think that using Datak's own money against him is the perfect payback, but he's missing a critical piece of the puzzle. Nobody told Nolan or Mayor Amanda Rosewater (Julie Benz) that the town council planned these arms dealings and, now, Nolan has just confiscated the town's money. Oops! Nolan is undoubtedly in trouble, and he will likely be forced to give a very uncomfortable apology.

After being treated to a barrage of condescension, the already exasperated mayor is stopped on her way out of the council meeting by a fuming wife who seems to think that Amanda should be able to control her brothel-owning sister. After slapping some sense into the woman (literally), Amanda experiences another round of accusatory sarcasm, when the woman claims that Amanda's mother must be "so proud" of the sisters, whom the irate wife thinks are harlots. Amanda spots three children watching the tirade, which digs up Amanda's memory of trying to protect her sister's sanity after the death of their mother.

Missed Episode 3? Watch it in full here:

"A Well Respected Man" airs on Monday, 5/6 at 9 PM on Syfy.

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