Watch: Sumo Wrestlers Racing Is The Best Thing Ever

There is literally only one way athletics can be made more fun to watch, and that’s to have sumo wrestlers taking part.

So we are eternally grateful to Tenpu, IsaoHo and Kitenshu, who have become viral superstars for running a race in their sumo gear - which, let’s face it, is just a big pair of pants.

The trio run as hard as they mammoth legs will carry them, making a break for the finishing line right from the off.

Weighing varying weights from 23 to 31 stone, it’s fair to say they aren’t quite as fast as the Usain Bolt’s of the world.

The video was posted from what appears to be wrestler Ishiura Masakatsu’s Twitter account.

The whole thing seems to have been a novel way to unwind while on tour in the Wakayama region of Japan.

We have no idea who won the tight race but that doesn’t matter in the slightest - there needs to be more events like this in the Olympics.