Watch as alligator gobbles up golf ball on Florida course

This may be the gator that ate Chubbs Peterson’s ball.

Dan McNamara was playing golf on the 27-hole Long Marsh golf course in Rotonda West, Fla., over the weekend when he apparently spotted a gator up on the bank of a water hazard. Maybe deciding to mess with the gator a little bit, he filmed throwing a golf ball toward the gator. The ball hits the gator on the head. Then, the gator decides it’s going to make an example of that ball, eating it and backing into the water with its prey.

(Fox 4, WFTX-TV, claims that the ball landed at the gator’s mouth as the result of a shot. It’s pretty obviously staged, but that doesn’t take away from the humor of it.)

The whole thing is pretty funny, if for no other reason than the easy “Happy Gilmore” flashback.

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