Washington State Tweets Hilarious "Oregon Trail" Game Reference After They Upset Oregon

Washington State pulls no punches with "Oregon Trail" computer game reference on Twitter

If you grew up in the early nineties, and recall playing computer games on a green screen monitor and a keyboard button that read "RETURN" instead of "ENTER," then you'll crack up at this joke.

After the Washington State Cougars beat the favored Oregon Ducks 45-38 in a double overtime thriller on Saturday, the Cougars weren't afraid to rub it in by tweeting a picture taken from the old "Oregon Trail" computer game. If you played that game, remember the diseases that you died of if you lost? Typhoid, cholera, small pox, dysentery. Yeah, well, Washington State just had to do it here to Oregon:

Looks like Oregon needs to stock up on more "ammunition" for next Saturday.

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