The Warriors Are Reportedly Kevin Durant's Top Choice If He Leaves OKC


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And so the NBA’s silly season begins. With the NBA Finals behind us, the league looks forward to the Draft and, most of all, free agency. Kevin Durant leads this year’s crop of available players, and will attract more attention from suitors than he’ll know what to do with, so long as he wants to.

According to a recent report from Frank Isola of New York Daily News, Durant definitely wants to, and his potential landing spots include a very recent foe.

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[Durant] is expected to meet with prospective teams in Los Angeles when the free-agent recruiting period beings in July, according to a source.

The same source maintains that if Durant doesn’t re-sign with the Oklahoma City Thunder he would prefer to join the Warriors, a team that has reached two straight NBA Finals and could rule the Western Conference for the next five years if Durant goes to the Bay Area.

Everything here hinges on the words “if Durant doesn’t re-sign.” After nearly defeating the Warriors and then watching them shrink in the Finals against LeBron James, Durant has to feel pretty close to a title playing alongside Russell Westbrook in OKC. Flipping the script of the budding Warriors-Thunder rivalry would be a shocking decision.

(Via Frank Isola, New York Daily News)